This Old House

This old historical house was totally renovated following extensive fire damage. Part of the work entailed raising the turret 300mm from the existing level. After about 5 months of work, this old house was renovated into better than new shape. This historical site sat vacant for 15 years before its restoration. It is owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese Calgary and is now a home for unwed mothers.



The Old House - Before The Old House - After

More Pictures of the House

Works completed

  • Complete exterior renovation, including the stucco and roof
  • Removal of fire and water damaged materials, plaster and lath from the remaining walls,ceilings and floor coverings
  • Construction of new wood frame walls, foundations, new and repaired roof, and soffits
  • New plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical systems
  • Extensive site work
  • Repair landscaping

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