1. Do you provide free consultations and quotations?
  2. Answer: Yes, just give us a call to set up an appointment.

  3. Do you specialize in only commercial projects?
  4. Answer: No, we welcome both commercial and residential projects.

  5. Do you require a deposit?
  6. Answer: If the contract is substantial, we submit for Progress Payments and invoice the client for the balance at the end of the project.

  7. Have you completed any retail projects?
  8. Answer: Yes, we have carried out work for Wal-mart, Club Monaco and Marlin Travel to name but a few.

  9. Do you apply for the City Permits and construct the drawings?
  10. Answer: We will have the drawings prepared for the client and apply for all permits as required if it is requested.

  11. Do you provide a Warrantee?
  12. Answer: The Warranty period with regard to the Contract is one year from the date of the substantial performance of the work.

  13. Do you have insurance?
  14. Answer: Yes, we have a general liability policy for $5 million.

  15. What if my question is not in this list?
  16. Answer: If your question is not answered here, contact us at integra@nucleus.com.